Berlin Green UG


BerlinGreen develops smart indoor gardens, that make gardening clean, effortless and possible even in smallest and darkest apartments. The system allows anyone to grow leafy greens, herbs and other plants and create a healthy, green environment. The sophisticated control of the system and the use of an efficient LEDs and sensors make the care of plants very easy and unique experience. We would love to get in touch with you at the IFA 2019.



The SHIFTPHONE is the first german Smarphone. Also it is the most modular High-End-Smarphone ever built.
Easy to repair, upgradable, and manufactured in a fair way. Meet us at IFAnext :-).



Founded by industry-leading engineers with over 400 patents, Mercku specializes in creating wireless IoT products and systems. Its award-winning generation 2 system, the M2 mesh Wi-Fi system, earned over ten awards, including the red dot award and CES innovation award. Beyond home Wi-Fi, Mercku developed a wireless biosensing solution for wellness and safety monitoring in vehicles, and homes, tapping into the wealth of experience and technology in the telecommunications field.

Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin

Beuth-Media Labs are presenting at the IFA 2016 an innovative Augmented-Reality (AR) project in the area of interactive Media. It is an Edutainment Game for the TV ZDF Series 'Die Bergretter' (The Mountain Rescuer). The connection between the real Environment and the interactive 3D Scenes is fascinating! User take the character rolls of the mountain rescuer and have to manage rescue missions. We are doing research at innovative interactive media solutions 'for tomorrow'!

New Wellness Concept SL


MYHIXEL is a leading male sexual health brand, that present science and medical backed solutions to improve male sexual well-being. Our mission is to revolution men sex lives by helping them to control their climax. Definitely helping men feel happier and more satisfied with their sexual life. To do this, we have developed a unique method scientifically proven, that allows men enjoy sex better, by controlling the moment of ejaculation in a completely natural way.



German start-up with focus on Anti-Spy Products that are of interest to the majority of customers: TÜV-tested RFID card sleeves & RFID blocker cards to upgrade EVERY wallet against illegal skimming & data theft, Camera Covers for smartphones & laptops, skimming protection pouches for car keys & cell phones. Our products already sell very well through retail companies in Germany: e.g. MediaMarkt, Saturn, CONRAD, EURONICS, Kaufland. We are looking for retail partners & distributors internationally.



Clevetura LLC is a design house with headquarter in Minsk, Belarus and develops technology called TouchOnKeys™. It adds touch layer to a traditional keyboard. It enables user to control pointer, click, scroll, zoom and make other gestures directly on the keyboard surface like on a touchpad. Keys are well pressable with good ambience because of its reliable scissors mechanics. Finally users don't need to press any key to switch between typing and touch modes, it works automatically and seamlessly


GfK connects data and science. Innovative research solutions provide answers for key business questions around consumers, markets, brands and media – now and in the future. As a research and analytics partner, GfK promises its clients all over the world “Growth from Knowledge”.

Feelbelt GmbH


Feelbelt innovates the experience of multimedia content through haptic feedback. In the perception of content and sound, the fourth dimension - the sense of touch - has long been neglected. With the feelbelt, all audible content now becomes palpable for the first time. The in-house, locally developed technology transmits all audible frequencies from 1-20,000hz as mechanical impulses directly onto the body. Gamers, VR, music and movie lovers go through experiences that weren't possible before.

TUBS GmbH - TU Berlin ScienceMarketing


The remit of TUBS GmbH TU Berlin ScienceMarketing is to communicate research results as widely as possible, to transmit science to appropriate target groups, and to organise and promote relevant events and marketing measures. Our portfolio includes the coordination of joint stands at trade fairs and exhibitions, and the organisation of conferences and meetings, as well as training courses. At IFA NEXT we are organising the joint stand "Innovationsmarkt Berlin-Brandenburg".

Augmented Robotics UG


Augmented Robotics offers toy manufacturers a technology upgrade that is far above state of the art. We build virtual worlds around real toys with advanced augmented reality. Our B2B2C “all-inclusive-package” includes hardware and software licences to upgrade old and new toys with our Augmented Reality gaming module called RoboHeart. Our optical indoor navigation system allows for the interaction between real life objects and virtual content for example to play Mario Kart™ like games.

Creative Technology Corporation


We have been reserching "Electrostatic" over 30 years in Japan and have been providing the electrostatic device to semiconductor industory for several decases. Everyone have experiance of getting zapped or shock by electrostatic. However depending on how it is used "Electrostatic" is a useful item safely for our life. New B to C brand "ATARAINA" from Creative Technology will provide amazing application of "Electrostatic" with safe! Let"s experience "Electrostatic Magic".

XeelTech GmbH


XeelTech's rotary control elements for human-machine interfaces provide real mechanical haptic force feedback, which is fully programmable. Allowing for custom haptic feedback for every menu entity of your product in the blink of an eye

Our patented HAPTICORE technology combines the flexibility of a touch screen with the ease of use of an encoder, creating a revolutionary user experience that is used in a wide range of industries.



Living independently as an elderly person carries risks. Nowadays solutions, like wearables have no compliance. Therefore, VISSEIRO developed a new technology for measuring vital parameters by just sitting down on a seat cushion. The sensors measure daily sitting patterns, health data (heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, and amplitude) by tracking the movement of the heart, etc., the sophisticated AI algorithms analyze the data and calculates an individual health score.



Skyroam is a fast-growing venture-funded company at the intersection of technology, telecom, and travel. Skyroam delivers fast, secure mobile WiFi in over 130 countries worldwide via patented virtual SIM™ technology – no hidden fees, no SIM card swapping, and no surprise data charges on your mobile bill. The company is continuing its global expansion with offices in San Francisco, Berlin and Shenzhen and global distribution through Ecommerce channels and over 500 retail locations.

Mystery Vibe Limited

United Kingdom

MysteryVibe is a sexual health company combining cutting-edge design & technology to create award winning smart vibrators for men, women & couples that improves their health and wellbeing

voxasound GmbH


Signal Cruncher


Are you ready for the revolution of building automation ? Welcome to Signal Cruncher "Embedded Machine Learning". Artificial intelligence in the smart home offers more security and convenience while saving energy at the same time. Our ® XONBOT algorithm increases energy efficiency by 30% and more by learning specific energy requirements and real-time optimization, regardless of whether in a single house, in commercial properties or in factories.

Shelly by Allterco Robotics


Beurer GmbH


Beurer was founded in 1919 in Ulm and is synonymous with health and well-being. Today the long-standing company leads the way in several product fields in this segment; the company is the market leader in Europe in the area of flexible heating and the market leader in Germany for blood pressure monitors and massage products. Beurer is also one of the leading European suppliers of personal scales. This portfolio is constantly being developed further in all areas and offers products for use at home. It includes personal scales, kitchen scales, luggage scales, air cleaners, air dehumidifiers, air washers, thermo hygrometers, aroma diffusers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, mobile ECG devices, hearing amplifiers, pulse oximeters, nebulisers, clinical thermometers, a sleep sensor, wake-up lights, a snore stopper, brightlights, infrared lamps, TENS/EMS devices, massage products (foot massage, Shiatsu massage, massage chairs, massage cushions, fasciae massage, compression leg therapy), a relaxing aid, hair removal devices (classic, IPL, laser), FaceCare and HairCare products, a cellulite releaZer, cosmetics mirrors, manicure/pedicure sets, a BabyCare line, basal thermometers, activity sensors and heart rate monitors. USB ports and Bluetooth® enable an increasing number of Connect products to connect to the growing Beurer app world and/or software. The family-run company operates a global distribution network in more than 100 countries and currently has a workforce of around 1000.


United Kingdom

At ShiftCam we believe the best part of memories is making them, and we are striving to create the best possible tools to do so. ShiftCam was founded in early 2017 with the aim of making the most seamless transition from the smartphone to a professional camera. We are a group of photographers, designers, engineers, and operation folks with a vision of taking mobile photography to a whole new level through an eco system of mobile photography and videography accesories.



We are pioneers, working on smart solutions that have a positive impact on our daily life - and the environment. With heatle®, we are proud to be the first in the world to have overcome all enormous tech challenges - thanks to our patented solutions which enabled us to create the world's first working device of its kind.

Uvisio BV


The Little Cat Co., Ltd

Korea, the Republic of

The little Cat plans, manufactures cat treadmills to build a companion animal total care service platform. Through this, we collect and analyze bio-information and exercise data of companion animals to provide weight control and care services. Although there are many exercise devices for cat's obesity, the only Cat treadmill that can record the cat's exercise, learn the exercise pattern, predict the exercise (AI function), and control the cat's health.